Who is the best friend of John Cena?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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CORRECT ANSWER:John Cena's best friends out of the ring are Randy Orton and Johnny Nitro. Answer john cenas friend is goldbergAnswerhis best friend in the business is Randy Orton and Batista Answertha trade mark is his best friend there al ways to gethere they right songs together i mean there like family.

buy cenas new album you cant see me its him and teademark that's tha treademark

yes spelt tha

AnswerTha Trademark probably is his best friend. Answerfirst of all trade Marc is his cousin his best friend is his cousin Cena's best friendCena's best friend inside Wrestling is Randy Orton outside is rand Orton, Bumpy Knuckles and Trademarc Answeri believe his name is Zach Pettigrew
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I hear Randy orton July 23, 2008 Randy Orton, John Morrison and Ken Kenndy

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Q: Who is the best friend of John Cena?
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Will you be my best friend John cena?

yes i will from john cena

Who is Randy's best friend?

John Cena

Are you John Cenas friend?

No I am not john cena's friend but i wouldlove to meet him I am the real Batista and cena is my best friend and u spell my name like this Bautista

Who is Zack ryder best Friend?

john cena

Who john cena's best friend?

Randy Orton when not in character

Who is wade barret's best friend?

John Cena ;) hahaha

Who was randy orton's best man in his wedding?

His best friend John Cena

Who is r truth best friend?

not john cena i think it is sheamas

How long ago was John Cena's best friend killed?


Does john cena have a best friend on smack down?

randy orton

Who is Randy Orton bestfriend?

john cena is randy oton's best friend

Who is best john cena or cm punk?

John cena is the best