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90 percent of all riders would say ricky carmichael

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โˆ™ 2011-08-22 13:16:11
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Q: Who is the best freestyle motocross rider ever?
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Who is Brian Deegan?

Brian is a professional Freestyle Motocross rider and a founding member of the Metal Mulisha. Deegan was the first ever to do a 360. He is the most decorated Freestyle Motocross rider in X Games history with 10 total medals.

Who is the best freestyle bmx rider?

Corey Milne Is the best ever known freestyle Bmx Rider in the World

Who is the best motocross rider ever?

Ricky Charmicheal is by far the best motocross rider ever. He has won the most Championships and races. James Stewart is the best that is still active. And then It will be Ryan Dungey.

Who is the best dirt bike rider?

Travis Pastrana i think is the best dirt bike rider he was the youngest rider ever to compete and win the motocross de nations (pretty much Olympics of MX) he was also the youngest rider to win a freestyle MX contest and won 5 or 6 contests running

Who is the fastest Pee Wee Motocross Rider in Wisconsin?

is travis pastrana the best athlete ever is travis pastrana the best athlete ever

Who invented Freestyle Motocross?

its so obvios, evil kenivel was the first person to ever jump motorbikes porposly. even just a regular jump is classified as freestyle.

Who is the best motorcycle rider ever?

Valentino Rossi

Who is the best bmx rider ever?

Alex Liiv

Who Is number four in motocross?

Ricky Charmichael. Only the best man ever on a motorcycle.

What was the best ever freestyle motocross trick?

Back flip. I think when Metzger did the double back flip at the X Games was the turning point in freestyle forever. If you watch in slow motion he up-shifts over the smaller first double while upside down to back flip the second longer double. Ground-breaking.

Who is the best in England at freestyle wrestling?

joey gilligan of Manchester ymca is the best wrestler England has ever had

Is Nikolai Krasnikov the best Ice Speedway rider ever?

Of course he is! He is the best ever with eight titles in a row.

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