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Statistically Michael Schumacher is the greatest driver in history having won the most drivers championships,wins,pole positions,laps lead,fastest laps, and many other records throughout his career.

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The best driver today could mean anything. If you mean the best driver from 2000-2010, statistics would say Michael Schumacher is the best driver as he won the drivers championship 5 times in 2000-2004. From 2011 -2013 statistics would say Sebastian Vettel is the best as he has won the 2010, 2011, and as of 11-5-2012 is leading the championship by 10 points.

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Michael Schumacher of Germany (retired)

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Q: Who is the best formula one driver of all time?
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What british f1 racing driver has won the most races of all time?

Nigel Mansell has won the most Formula One races by a British Driver with 31 wins (fourth-best of all-time) from 1980 to 1993.He won one Formula One World Championship in 1992.

What is Fernando Alonso known for?

Fernando Alonso is known for being one of the best Formula 1 drivers of all time. He is a Spanish Formula 1 driver that is the Formula 1 teams partner of Felipe Massa.

Who holds the record for winning more Formula One races?

Micheal Schumacher has won the most Formula One races with 91 victories and 7 chapionship titles. He is the best driver of all-time.

Does a formula 1 driver live in the US?

Maybe, but all the best live or own a place in Switzerland!

Greatest formula 1 driver of all time?

Jenson Button because he is better than every formula driver today and is more experienced and is better than every formula one driver today and can beat anyone in any weather especially rainy weather.

Is Lewis hamilton the best race driver of all time?

no! of course not!

Who is the best racecar driver of all time?

Dale Earnhardt Sr.

Who is kimi raikkonen?

Kimi Räikkönen is the best Finnish Formula One driver. He won the world championship in 2007 and will win it again in 2009. he isn't only the best finnish driver he is the best f1 driver all toghter. This is an unbiased article Thanks for reading.

Who is the worst Formula One driver of all time?

Yukon Idea ..had his F1 licensed revoke after four races

Why does Formula 1 not have a 13 car?

People are superstitious, they may think it will crash all the time or bad luck for the driver.

Who is the World's greatest Formula One driver of all time?

Michael Schumacher. He has won seven F1 drivers championships. He has also had 91 Grand Prix victories

Who is the most successful formula one driver of all time?

Michael Schumacher is a former Formula One driver, seven-time world champion, and current advisor and occasional test driver for Ferrari. According to the official Formula One website, he is "statistically the greatest driver the sport has ever seen". He is the only German to win the Formula One World championship, and is credited with popularising Formula One in Germany. In a 2006 FIA survey, Michael Schumacher was voted the most popular driver of the season among Formula One fans. After winning two championships with Benetton, Michael Schumacher moved to Scuderia Ferrari in 1996 and won five consecutive drivers' titles with them from 2000-2004. Schumacher holds many records in Formula One, including most drivers' championships, race victories, fastest laps, pole positions, points scored and most races won in a single season. Schumacher is the only Formula One driver to have an entire season of podium finishes, a feat he accomplished in 2002.