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Waisale Serevi

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2009-12-11 05:12:18
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Q: Who is the best fijian rugby player?
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What is the Fijian word for rugby?

rugby = rugby

Who is currently the heaviest rugby player in the world?

Jone Railomo - fijian prop

What does the fijian rugby emblem stand for?

Fijian rugby emblem potrays a coconut tree. A common indeginious Fijian saying"perfect like a coconut" meant total perfection just like a coconut tree. All parts of a coconut tree from the leaves,fruits sten and roots are useful and in modern days are now sources of income to many. Should you represent Fiji in rugby, remember that you should be a perfect player by displaying total perfect personal characteristics in and out of the fieldby being a good listener, obedient, trustworthy and performing to the the very best of your abilities.

Do you all know who Nick Qalilawa is?

Nick Qalilawa is a Fijian man who is a professional rugby league player in Australia and originally from the village of Naluwai in Naitasiri.

Who is the best french rugby player?


Who is the best living rugby player?

Victor Matfield

Who is best rugby player in piggot?

Mr Prince

Who is the best rugby player in ireland?

Brian O'Driscoll

Who is presently the best rugby player?

Victor Matfield

Who is Samoa best rugby player?

Leon Senio

Who is the best rugby league player in the world?

The best football player in the world is Jarryd Hayne

Why is Jonah lomu famous to New Zealandand why?

Well duhh he is a famous rugby player well actually the best rugby player well he was so if you don't agree well you just ain't a rugby fan and he was the best rugby winger in the world

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