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For the most victories: Micheal Shumacher For best sportsmanship: Ayrton Senna For the best recruit: Lewis Hamilton

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Q: Who is the best f1 racer in the world?
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Who is the most successful F1 driver?

The most successful F1 driver in the history of the sport is Michael Schumacher of Germany. He is best known for his stint with Ferrari. He has a total of 91 race wins and 7 drivers world championships and is arguably the best F1 racer ever.

How much does a F1 racer make in a year?

a f1 racer make around 37 million us dollars a year

What is the Email address of f1 racer valentino rossi?

Valentino is not an F1 racer. F1 is cars. Vale races in MotoGP ( prototype motorcycles ). His email address is not given out to strangers.

Who is the present f1 racer of red bull team?

sebastian vettel

Who are the best f1 racer in 2011?

Lewis Hamilton, Sebastion Vettle, Jenson Button, Micheal Shumacha and Fernando Alonso. wiggle wiggle!

Who is the best Motocross Racer in the World?

Ricky Carmichael

How do you unlock the F1 racer in Top Gear stunt school?

You have to win the stig trial

Who is the best dirt bike racer in the world?

John Michelle bayle

Which is the best fatest car in the world?

Buggati Veyron And Mclearn F1

What is the best f1 game?

f1 2011

Who is the best ski racer?

the best kid ski racer is gabrielle salinas in the united states

What does f1 do?

only the best motor racing in the world. have you not heard of the grand prix?

Who is the best Supercross racer in the World?

Right now its James Stewart, It was Ricky C.

Who is the best car racer in the world?

Michael Shewmacker

How can a non racer do a test drive in a Formula One car?

Closest you could come to an F1 car is a simulator.

When did Moto Racer World Tour happen?

Moto Racer World Tour happened in 2000.

What is the best f1 game for the ps2?

f1 2001 or f1 career challenge by EA are fun and realistic.

Car codes for sunset racer 2?

Here is a car code for Sunset Racer 2. Enter best-car ever to get the best car in Sunset Racer 2.

How can you be a F1 racer?

Usually F1 drivers starts very young, at the age of 9yrs old they start kart-racing. Some F1 racers didn't start young. If you know any nearby autodrome, start racing there, it might cost a lot of money, involve yourself in competitions after a lot of pratice...You might get the chance to get to F2, or GP2, that's the way to F1 Otherwise there are F1 schools in most countries around the world.

When was Moto Racer World Tour created?

Moto Racer World Tour was created on 2000-09-29.

Who is the current F1 champion?

shomaker is the current F1 champion in the world.

Which is faster lmp1 or f1?

F1 is the fastest circuit racing in the world.

Who is the best F1 champion in the world?

I personally think it is Michael Schumacher, because he won 7 F1 championships in 1994, 1995, 2000, 2001, 2002, 2003, and finally in 2004.

Which F1 racer won the recent Canadian grand pix June 2013?

Sebastian Vettel won the 2013 Canadian Grand Prix.

Who is the best bmx racer?

in my opinion, Perry Kramer is the best bmx racer, he is dead, he also made one of the best bmx bikes ever, the "PK Ripper", google it