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Ricky Henderson

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Q: Who is the best defensive left fielder of all time?
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Who is the best defensive center fielder of all time?

Carles Puyol

Who is the best defensive right fielder of all time?

Roberto Clemente, hands down.

How many player are there in a softball team?

There are nine players out on the field at one time. Although the pitcher and catcher have the ball the most each person has a specific job. In the infield there is the pitcher, catcher, first base, second base, shortstop, and third base. In the outfield there is left fielder, center fielder, and right fielder. In slow pitch softball there is an extra fielder, who is specified as a rover. Normally, the defensive team will play with four outfielders, meaning there is a left fielder, left-center fielder, right-center fielder, and right fielder.

How many players are there on a baseball?

there are nine players on the field at a time. catcher pitcher shortstop secondbaseman firstbaseman thirdbaseman left fielder right fielder left fielder and center fielder

How many outfielders are allowed in a softball game at a time?

If you are refering to fastpich softball, there are three outfielders; the left fielder, right fielder and center fielder.

Who is the best center fielder of all time?

willie mays

Best defensive back of all time?

Deion Sanders

Who is the best defensive 1st baseman of all time?

Keith Hernandez

Who is the greatest defensive catcher of all time?

The best catcher is JORGE POSADA!

What are the responsibilities of the offensive left tackle?

The Left Tackle is generally one of the best offensive line man. A majority of the time the Left Tackle blocks the Defensive End. However if the play runs to the right the Tackle would get the Will (weak side) Linebacker.

How do you call off a fielder?

Most of the time, yelling "I've got it!" or "Mine, mine!" is enough to tell the other fielders that you are going to catch the fly ball. However, if two or more fielders are calling that at the same time, it can be difficult to both to hear, and can result in a collision. However, some teams set up a "primary fielder," which means that, for example, for any ball hit between two fielders (center and right, or center and left), one of them (usually the center fielder) is always the primary fielder and the other fielder (left or right) will move to the back-up position. Only if the primary fielder indicates he or she cannot catch the ball (for example, by yelling, "No! No!") will the other fielder attempt to catch it. The same basic strategy can be used for the infield.

Who had the best NFL defensive line of all time?

Minnesota's Purple People Eaters of the 1970's.

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