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Keith Hernandez

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Q: Who is the best defensive 1st baseman of all time?
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Who was the best fielding 1st baseman of all time?

don mattingly

Who is the best 1st baseman in the MLB?

albert pujols

Who is the best 1st baseman ever?

Joe Castle

Who is the best defensive 1st Basemen of all time?

Keith Hernandez and Wes Parker were both pretty fine.

Who is the guy who tags you in baseball?

If you're talking about the person who tags you to get you out is 1st baseman 2nd baseman and 3rd baseman.

What are the infield positions of Softball?

1st Baseman 2nd Baseman 3rd Baseman Pitcher Catcher Short Stop Batter

Who gets better stats in baseball a 1st baseman 2nd baseman 3rd baseman shortstop or center field?

center fielders are generally the best hitters, middle infielders and catchers are the worst hitters. (generally, there are many exceptions)

Who covers first base on a double play when the ball is hit to first baseman?

That depends on where the 1st baseman fields the ball. If the 1st baseman can field the ball, throw to second, and have enough time to get safely back to the base to catch the return throw, then (s)he will cover. If not, then it is the responsibility of the pitcher.

Which are the positions in softball?

You have your catcher, pitcher, 1st baseman, 2nd baseman, short stop, 3rd baseman, right fielder (behind 1st), left fielder (behind 3rd), and you center fielder (behind 2nd)

What position plays near 1st base?

1st baseman (to the left and up and little), 2nd baseman (between 1st base and 2nd base), or right outfielder (to the left and back).

Does a 1st baseman foot have to touch 1st base while holding the runner on?


Who was the mlb 1st baseman who qb the colts?

John Elway

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