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The best cricketer of Pakistan currently is Shahid Afridi and the one who is most popular in Pakistan.

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Q: Who is the best cricketer in Pakistan?
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Who is Pakistan's Richest Cricketer?

shahid afridi

Who is famous cricketer of Pakistan?

Shahid Afridi.

Who is Pakistan famous cricketer?

Shahid Afridi.

Muhammad all is famous for which sport?

He is a Pakistan cricketer

Who is the most handsome cricketer?

Mohammad Amir from Pakistan.

Do you have to be a Pakistani cricketer to play for Pakistan team?

yes. what you can do ?

Age of abdur razzak cricketer of Pakistan?


Who is known as the best cricketer in the world?

The best cricketer is the Indian cricketer Sachin Tendulkar.

Pakistan cricketer yousuf youhana is sunni or shiya?

He is Muslim

Which cricketer scored the fastest century for Pakistan?

Shahid Afridi

Who was the best cricketer of the world?

Sachin Ramesh Tendulkar, the Indian cricketer is the best cricketer in the world after Shane Warne.