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Probably Eddie George

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Q: Who is the best college football player of all time at Ohio state?
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Who is the only college football player to win the Heisman Trophy twice?

Archie Griffin, Ohio State

Where did AJ Hawk play college football?

Ohio State

Has Arkansas ever played Ohio state in college football?


Where did Kirk Herbstreit play college football?

Ohio State

What are the best rivals in college football?

Without a doubt, the best rivalry in college football is Ohio state and Michigan.

What college football program makes the most money?

Ohio state Definitely Ohio State hands down.

What year did Ohio State start playing college football?


Are there any Junior college football teams in the state of Ohio?


Who won the 2002 national championship in college football?

Ohio State

Which college football teams have most bowl wins?

Ohio State

What college football team did Cris Carter play for?

Ohio State

Where did nick saban play college football?

Kent State in Ohio

What college football teams constantly beat the spread?

Ohio State

What ncaa college football team has the largest fanbase?

Ohio State

Which college football team has produced the most criminals?

ohio state

What is the longest football rivalry in college sports?

michigan ohio state

Did O.J. Simpson play college football for the Ohio State Buckeyes?

No, he played college ball at USC and won the Heisman Trophy. And lost to Ohio State.

Who is the only college football player to win two Heisman Trophies?

Archie Griffin of Ohio State in 1974 and 1975Archie Griffin

What college football teams are bowl ineligible?

Ohio State, Mississippi State, and maybe Florida

Which college football team has most fans across the nation?

Ohio State

Top 5 teams with the most wins in college football?


Who has the Best record in college football last 5 years?

Ohio state

What are the top 25 ranks in college football?

Alabama Ohio state your punks

Is Ohio state buckeyes the best team in college football?

yes, they are the best.

Who played in the college football national championship 2007?

LSU & Ohio State