Who is the best college Quarter-back?

Updated: 12/17/2022
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Type your answer here... Shea Richards

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Q: Who is the best college Quarter-back?
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Who is the best college football quarterback?

Cam Newton

Who is the best college quarterback of all time?

Statistically, Brett Farve

Who is the best Quarterback in college football?

Pat White for the Mountaineers! WVU.

Whose the best quarterback in college football?

Everybody knows its Cam Newton QB for the Auburn Tigers

Why did Robert Griffin 3 win the Heisman Trophy over Andrew Luck?

The Heisman Trophy is awarded to the best player in college football, not the best quarterback. RG3 was the Best overall player in college football this year.

What position did Josh McDaniels play in college?

High school: Quarterback College: Quarterback until he realized he could start as a Wide Receiver

Was Ben Roethlisberger a linebacker in college?

No. Ben Roethlisberger was a quarterback in college.

Who is the greatest college quarterback?

Tim Tebow

What is a davey o'brien winner what college football position is davey obrien?

The Davey O'Brien Award is given to the college quarterback voted best in the country by the Davey O'Brien Foundation.

What is the perfect rating for a quarterback?

For the NFL, a perfect quarterback rating is 158.3. In college football, it's 1261.6

Who is the best college Quarterback in history?

Matt Barkley Chuck Ealey of the University of Toledo won every game he played in his entire college career. His record is 35 wins, no losses.

Who is johhny manziel?

Football player - quarterback (college)