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The KENTUCY Wildcats

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Q: Who is the best collage basketball team?
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What is the best collage basketball team?


Who is the best collage basketball team in the country?


Start a basketball career?

First u have to play THE BEST IN COLLAGE WITH YOUR TEAM and then you will get pick in the draft and THAT'S IT

Requirements for being a basketball player?

To be an NBA basketball player, all you have to be is 19 by the end of the year in which you are drafted. However, that doesn't mean you will be picked up by a team. To play in collage you must attend the collage and either A: Try out for the team or B: get a basketball scholarship to that school.

You quit basketball and its your senior year. How can you join basketball in college?

You just try out in collage and if you make it then your on the team!

What is Ohio state collage mens basketball team nickname?


What statement contains an example of logical fallacy?

Our Basketball team is the best because we are so awesome. -apex

Most points in a college basketball game team?

The most points in a collage basketball game is 3 points....!

Who is the best collage basketball player ever?

Pete Maravich

What is the best womens basketball team?

Either UWGB women's basketball team, or University on Michigan women's basketball team.

What is the best team in men's college basketball history?

kentucky is the best basketball team of all time

Best basketball team ever?

The best franchise basketball team is the Boston Celtics with 16 NBA titles.

How you go to the nba team name Miami Heat?

you dont pick the team you want to play for because a team drafts you into theirs and you have to play good basketball in collage so a team drafts you

What can you tell you about the fort Yukon eagles basketball team?

Fort Yukon basketball team is the best team in the u.s.

What is the movie love and basketball about?

Love and basketball is about to collage students that are basketball stars.When they go off to collage together as girlfriend and boyfriend girl super star is having a rough time with her new team and her new coach.But the guys parents are going Thur a rough time and his father is having a afar.And when the the guy needs the girl the most she has to choice be thin .Love and basketball.

Best basketball team?

national greek team

Who is the best basketball team in Virginia?

vcu is the best

What is a good girls basketball team name?

I think the best name for a girls basketball team is Dunk Madness.

What is the best name for a basketball team?

Parker Hoops. My friend always loved that name for a basketball team just never had a basketball team. It might be a little cheasy but it is just a suggestion.

What is the name of basketball team?

TEAM RICHMOND U12 the best team in virginia

What basketball team is the best?


What is the best basketball team?


What is the best team for nba basketball?

There isn't one 'best' team. but the best are Celtics, Bulls,Lakers Jazz.

Who is the best collage basketball player?

Mixing the hobby of making collages and the sport of basketball is a very unique question. I would assume a basketball player at a liberal arts school would take the cake though.

Who is the best player on the basketball team in America?

The best basketball player in America according to stats is Michael Jordan.