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Q: Who is the best boxer in their prime Tyson or holyfield?
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What is Evander Holyfield most well known for?

Evander Holyfield is most well known as a boxer. He was an undisputed heavyweight champion and is perhaps best remembered for defeating Mike Tyson and having part of his ear bitten off in the second fight.

Who is the best boxer in America?

Mike Tyson

Whoi is the best boxer ever?

Mike Tyson.

Who are the best 5 boxers of all time?

The best 5 boxers of all time include Mike Tyson, Evander Holyfield, Rocky Marciano and Lenox Lewis. Ezzard Charles was also a heavyweight professional.

Who would win a fight between George Foreman and Mike Tyson in their prime?

Its hard to say. If he could find a way to never ever get taken down then he would obviously win. But with so many great wrestlers in the UFC now I think he would lose. It also depends who he fights. i think the only way he could lose is if he fights a guy like randy couture. well i strongly feel that and im 100% sure mike would kill them. any of them they dont stand a chance . i think in his prime no body could have beaten him.

Who is the best Mohammad ali or Mike Tyson?

If both boxers were boxing in their prime, mike Tyson would win because of his great defensive techniques and his outstanding power. mike Tyson does have incredible power, but ali has rediculous speed... that fight would be like the clash of the titans... its like an unstopable force (ali) meeting an imovable object (Tyson) Tyson rule

Who is the best boxer that ever lived?

I would say Salvador Sanchez Or Julio Cesar Chaves Two of the very best Mexican legends no need to be racist they can actually beat you really hard but i would say that if Salvador Sanchez didnt die he would be the very best.

How do you beat Mike Tyson in Mike Tyson's Punch Out?

When he does his special, block all hits by pushing down each time he rotates.. after 5 blocks punch him in the face , or star punch.. instant knockdown. His combination punches to inflict normal damage on him are: right punch(face), dodge left, Right punch face, repeat. when that stopps working and he swings low, dodge him and body punch him in the same side as the hand he swung, continue punching alternating hands to the body. Youll get a star for each punch.. Hope i helped you out.

What is the best legend?

mike Tyson

What the best universities is best for a boxer?

Deniss Lapins is the best boxer in the world his score is 55-0-3 he is the dominator of the world can dominate anyone

Who is best player of boxing?

"Iron" Mike tyson.

Who was the most boxer in United Kingdom?

Henry Cooper is probably the best known British boxer.