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in my opinion, Perry Kramer is the best bmx racer, he is dead, he also made one of the best bmx bikes ever, the "PK Ripper", Google it

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Q: Who is the best bmx racer?
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When was Alan Foster - BMX racer - born?

Alan Foster - BMX racer - was born on 1970-01-18.

Is Sarah Walker a bmx racer?


What are the release dates for Made - 2002 BMX Racer Savannah 11-16?

Made - 2002 BMX Racer Savannah 11-16 was released on: USA: 18 October 2010

Where can one find the BMX Museum?

One could find the BMX Museum in Portland. The BMX Museum is considered an offbeat museum. This museum features former BMX racer Gary Sansom. One can also read more about the museum through their forums.

The best bmx in the world?

Haros are the best and damondbacks with small cogs are the best BMX in the world.

What is the best parts for a bmx bike?

shimano dxr is the best for bmx racing

How much money does a Pro BMX racer make?

not to much really it depends on how high ranked he is and how much sponsors he has

Who is the fastest biker in the world?

The fastest biker in the world is a bmx racer named Corben Sharrah of AZ he races on the USA Olympic bmx team he will smoke anyone hands down on dirt or on the road

What is the best website to make your own bmx bike?

you can buy a bmx frame, bmx parts and bmx wheels and bars from most online bmx shops.

Who is the best ski racer?

the best kid ski racer is gabrielle salinas in the united states

Are there any good bmx websites? is the best bmx website

Who is the best freestyle bmx rider?

Corey Milne Is the best ever known freestyle Bmx Rider in the World

Is haro a good bmx brand?

ANSWER: I believe that Haro is the best BMX complete bikes for the money. I love my Haro BMX race bike.

Car codes for sunset racer 2?

Here is a car code for Sunset Racer 2. Enter best-car ever to get the best car in Sunset Racer 2.

What is the best bmx website? provides great custom frames and BMX links

Are wethepeople a good bmx bike?

Wethepeople bmx bikes are excellent, probably the best

Are bmx bikes best brand of bikes?

BMX isn't a brand, it's a type of bicycle. Whether it's best or not depends on what you want to do with it.

What is Fit Bike Co's history?

BMX racer Robbie Morales teamed up with S&M's Chris Moeller to form FitBikeCo in 2000.

Who invented Fit Bike Co?

BMX racer Robbie Morales teamed up with S&M's Chris Moeller to form FitBikeCo in 2000.

Which bicycle is best for the city?


Who is the best at bmx?

Daniel dhers

What is the best bmx make?


Who is the best bmx rider in the world?

Mikey and Brain Babble at the secret BMX shop are the best if you do not agree go on my space and search the secret then look at brain and Mikey babble leave comments. Information provided by: Transworld BMX Magazine

Is chase miller the best racer?

Absolutely, Yes!

Is an eastern bike the best bmx bike?

There's too much of personal preference involved for it to be possible to chose a "best" BMX. You might as well ask for the best band, candy, or color.