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Phil Jackson because he have 10 rings and had two players that in the top ten best players,Kobe Bryant and Michael Jordan.

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Q: Who is the best basktball coach ever?
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The average earnings for an basktball coach?

i dont know the anwser

Who was the best coach ever for the packers?

The best coach in Packers history is Vince Lombardi.

Who is the best coach?

The best coach ever is Bo Schembeckeler from the univedrsity of Michigan and Ohio state university.

Who is the oldest football coach ever?

Joe paterno was the coach of the penn state Nittany Lions he was fired at the age of 85 years old due to the scandal of Jerry Sandusky Joe Paterno was the best coach to ever coach football he died january 22 2012 at the age of 85 he loved the game of football that when it got taken away from him his heath failed He will always be the greatest coach to ever coach the game of football he died from lung cancer that he was being treated for he will always be the best coach ever

Who is the best football coach ever?

Jose Mourhinio

What famous people went to Kansas university?

tyron is the best basktball player in the wourld

Best coach ever in football?

The best football coach in the premiere leagues are the Scotsman Sir Alex Ferguson and the Frenchman Arsene Wenger.

What coach has the most wins in Michigan football history?

Bo Shembachler and hes the best coach ever

Best coach ever in Barclays premier league?

herbet Chapman

What is the URL of a forum newsgroup or mailing list for help wire mesh office furniture manufacturing?

Coach Yancey's Gay Coach Yancey's the best coach Ever

Who is plattsville petit pizzaz?

The best synchro team ever!! Who won every competion they entered last year!! With the best coach ever! They skate out of plattsville in the WO reigon.

Who is the best football coach ever in the NFL?

Vince Lombardi, the superbowl trophy is named after him.

Who is the best men's college basketball coach ever?

Many say it is John Wooden.

Are the detoirt red wings the best team ever?

It depends on who you ask. In my opinion, it would be the new jersey devils! even though the red wings have the best coach ever!

Who is the best coach ever?

Mike Robertson from Sandia High School in Albuquerque New Mexico

Who is better Coach k or roy Williams?

Coach k is the best basketball coach duke has ever had and Roy Williams doesn't even deserve to be coach coach k is the best!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! who ever thinks Roy Williams is better they should look at where the tar heels are in the ACC standings and then compare it to DUKE I WOULD SAY THAT TAR HEELS ROY WILLIAMS WOULD BE THE BETTER COACH BECAUSE WE HAVE ONE MORE NATIONALS TITLES THEN THEM AND I WONT JUDGE THEN THIS YEAR BECAUSE EVERY BODY HAS THERE UPS AND DOWNS . Coach K is the better coach. (I'm not a Duke fan)

Why are the Georgia bulldogs the best team?

Because they have the best coach ever and the try their hardest to win. they are the best because they put forth their mind, body, and spirit to win.

Is there any junior basktball game on today?

Yes there is

What are the best basketball movies ever made?

Some of the best basketball movie ever made would have to be The Basketball Diaries, Coach Carter, Glory Road, White Men Can't Jump, Hoop Dreams, and Hoosiers.

Who is the best NFL coach ever?

Vince Lombardi from green bay packers and tom couthlin from the new york giants.

Is Michael Jordan the greatest basktball player ever?

no he was the worst, Andrea Bargnani was way better than him, Jordan might have set more records than him, but Bargnani was way better than him.

Who was the best coach for the Essendon Football Club?

I don't know but there is 1 way to get the answer. Get a list of all the coaches ever of the Essendon Bombers and see the seasons. find out which coach helped the bombers win the most games. e.g say Matthew knights coached the bombers to win all games in a season he would be the best coach.

What is a famous activity in Utah?

im not sure but i think is basktball

How tall is Stanford basktball player Kayla pedersen?


Did miley have a sing coach?

Miley Cyrus didn't EVER have a singing coach!