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The best Basketball player that is playing currently is without a doubt, LeBron James. The best retired basketball player is Michael Jordan.

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Q: Who is the best basketball player that is still playing r has retired?
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Who is oldest basketball player still playing?

Tim Duncan

Who is the Oldest pro basketball player still playing?

Currently its Shaq.

Who is the best recent basketball player?

Deron Williams for the Utah Jazz and is still playing

Is yao ming still playing?

no he is not playing anymore. he retired

How old was the longest career player in the nfl when he retired?

Jeff Feagles he play for the NewYork Giants. He is still playing.

Is he still playing basketball?


Does Barack Obama still like playing basketball?

yes it is right he does still like playing basketball

Does John Stockton still play basketball?

No, he does not. John Stockton retired in May of 2003.

Is doug flutie still playing for the patriots?

No. Fluite retired after playing for the Patriots in 2005.

Is Robert Horry still playing in the NBA?

No, he's retired.

Did Allen Iverson retired?

no hes still in turkey playing

Is Michael Jordanm a famous basketball player?

MICHAEL JORDAN was, and still is, the BEST basketball player in the humankind!

Is David Beckham retired?

i believe he is still playing for LA Galaxy

Are the Lakers still playing basketball?

If you mean "are they still in the playoffs," the answer is no. If you mean "are they still a franchise," then yes

Is Jennie Finch still playing?

No...she retired more than a year ago.

Who is oldest football player still playing?

The oldest professional player to still play is Bobby Geddes. His last match was in late April where he appeared as a substitute goalkeeper for Scottish Division 1 side Dundee. He is now semi-retired but is still registered as a player and coach.

What is it called in basketball when a player with a ball bumps into a player who is standing still?


What does the term box and 1 mean in basketball?

It means you run a defensive zone while still playing 1 opposing player man to man.

Did Barack Obama Play Any Sports When He Was Young?

Yes, in high school in Hawaii he was a popular player on the basketball team. He has always loved playing basketball, and still enjoys a game with his friends when his schedule permits.

Is Bill Hall still playing baseball?

no actually he retired three years ago

Did shaquille o'neil have is basketball jersay reitred?

No he is still playing in the NBA.

When a player fouls out in basketball can they still play?

no. that is why they call it fouling OUT

When did earl lloyd die?

Retired basketball player, Earl Lloyd, was born in Alexandria, Virginia on April 3, 1928. As of July 2014, he is still living. Lloyd was the first African American to play in the NBA.

Who is the best baseball player still playing?

Albert Pujols is the best baseball player still playing. By the end of his career, he may be better than Babe Ruth. But no doubt, Albert Pujols is the best player still playing.

Is Calvin Johnson still a sport player?

Calvin Johnson is not a sport player, he retired from football after the 2015 season.