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Q: Who is the best basketball player in middle school?
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Who is the best player in CCMS girls basketball?

in currytuck count middle school the best player ever in the team was Ashley ward

Who is the best defensive basketball player in Bakersfield?

Raj Patel of Bakersfield is the best defensive basketball player yet. He currently plays at Rio Hondo Middle School. His dream is to be a basketball player when he grows up he said. His coach Mr. Lengierre says "Good Luck" to him on the State Middle School Championship game. He is the best player efensive player ever. But who knows will he be NBA PLAYER??

Who is the best basketball team in middle school?

Creekland middle school grizzlies

Who is the best middle school basketball team in ga?

Creekland middle school grizzlies

What middle school has the best basketball team?

Wca Knights of Barrett Minnesota

Who is the best westinghouse HIGH SCHOOL basketball player?

Maurice Stokes

Who is the best middle school football player?

IT is Luis Elizondo he plays for Dowling Middle School the best passer of his age (13)

Who is the best basketball player at west bolivar high school?

The Black guy.

How do you make a middle school basketball team?

Practice everyday real hard and try your best on the tryouts.

Who is the best male basketball player at fort osage high school?

Dvante Mosby

Is chance the best basketball player?

yes chance is the best basketball player.

Who the best basketball player ever?

spencer allison who goes to gibbs high school is the best basketball player ive ever metsorry wayland