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probably ken Griffey jr

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Q: Who is the best baseball player that is still alive?
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Is Derek Jeter the best baseball player alive?

no alex is

The best baseball player ever?

Joe Dimiggio is because his record is still alive and it wont be beat Sorry its josh Gibson look him up

Who is the best baseball player still playing?

Albert Pujols is the best baseball player still playing. By the end of his career, he may be better than Babe Ruth. But no doubt, Albert Pujols is the best player still playing.

Who is the best Japanese baseball player still playing in Japan?

Yu Darvish

Is Kiara Nowlin still alive?

Absolutely! She is still the best alive power tumbler in the world...

Is Roberto Clemente the best baseball player ever?

No. However, he was and still is considered one of the all time greats. His career may have been cut short due to untimely death, but he still managed to have an extraordinary career. Babe Ruth is still regarded as the "best baseball player ever"

Is Matthew w good at baseball?

no. hes great. best middle school player alive. next year high school. best pitcher, center fielder and hitter.

Beatrice Best of the Jive Five. Is he still alive?

Alive, still in geat voice, and living in Brooklyn New York

Who is the best football player alive?

Ndamakung suh

Who is Jordan best?

the greatest basketball player alive

Whos the best baseball player?

The best baseball player is Hank Aaron or Babe Ruth

Who is the best go player alive?

The best player inthe NFL, NCAA, ect. is Brian Ford