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Bobby Clarke

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Q: Who is the best and most well known coach of the philadelphia flyers?
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Who are the best teams currently in the NHL?

The Philadelphia Flyers

Who is the best Philadelphia flyer?

Jeff Carter. He has had the most goals and points for the Flyers if you combine the last 3 seasons.

Where can one purchase an autographed Flyers jersey?

Purchasing an autographed Philadelphia Flyers jersey can be done on my sites on the web. The best sites currently include Sports Memorabilia, Amazon, Fans Edge, and eBay.

What is Ava Cowan best known for?

Ava Cowan is best known for figure and bikini competition. She is also a weight loss coach, body building, life coach and an online personal trainer for women.

What is Charlie Weis known for?

Charlie Weis is best known for being an American football coach. Presently Charlie is head coach at the University of Kansas and started with them in December of 2011.

Which NHL player went by the nickname Big Bird?

There were two players who had this nick name. The best known was defenseman Larry Robinson of the Montreal Canadiens who also played for and coached the New Jersey Devils. I stand to be corrected, but I believe forward Don Saleski of the Philadelphia Flyers was also referred as "Big Bird".

William Still an African American living in Philadelphia is best known for?

organizing the Underground Railroad.

What is Carlos Zambrano best known for?

Carlos Zambrano is a professional MLB baseball player signed with the Philadelphia Phillies, best known for being one of the best pitch hitters in recent times.

What is Jim Haslett best known for?

Jim Haslett is best known for his career as an American Football coach. He previously played as a linebacker in the NFL but has since coached Pittsburgh Steelers and New Orleans Saints.

Who was the best coach ever for the packers?

The best coach in Packers history is Vince Lombardi.

What is Don Cherry famous for?

Don Cherry was a Canadian professional hockey player and coach in the NHL. Cherry may be best known for his Coach's Corner commentary on CBC's Hockey Night in Canada.

Where can a club flyer be printed?

Quality club flyers can be printed at 'next day flyers' for a cheap price and fast delivery. 'Rush Print' is considered the best company for club flyers to be printed and ordered at the fastest rate.