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I think sir ian botham is the no.1 cricket all rounder

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Sir Richard hadlee of new zee land is world best all rounder

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jack kallis

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Q: Who is the best all rounder in cricket now?
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Who is the best all-rounder in ODI cricket now?

Shakib Al Hasan

Who is the best cricket player right now?

Kamran Akmal is the new and best young player in cricket.

How many people are on a cricket Field?

If you count the two batters then 13, if not then 11 (usually 5 batsmen, a wicket keeper, an all-rounder (bats and bowls) and 4 bowlers).

What is the best report on Afghanistan?

that Afghanistan is now on international cricket

Are Australians good at cricket?

no but in old times australians are the best but now he is not good at all sometimes they win the matches but 95.8 they loose the match

Is joe root the best batsman?

No Duji Bandari is the best batsmen right now he averages 498.05 in Ricky Ponting Cricket 05

Who is the master of cricket now?


What is the ICC function?

ICC, the International Cricket Council primarily governs the cricket worldwide. It is responsible for determining playing conditions, bowling and batting rules and other cricket related aspects for all the international teams. It is now considered as the key policy maker in the international cricket sport.

What is mcg now?

Melbourne cricket ground

How to get an online cricket id, and why is it important these daysHow to get an online cricket id, and why is it important these days?

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Where is Sonnet cricket academy?

ok ,now happy ok ,now happy

Who is the best baller in cricket?

actually people say that Shane Warne has the best career in cricket because he has taken the most wickets in his career and he is considered the best spinner. best off spinner now:Harbhajan singh best leg spinner now: Shahid afridi best seamer now:Lasith Malinga, Zaheer khan,Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar. best slow left arm now:Daniel vettori