Who is the best afl player of all time?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Gary Ablett Jnr.

As opinions vary considerably on these kinds of topics, the only genuine place of resort to answer a question such as this in the AFL is the official AFL itself ... the official best and fairest player recognized as such by the AFL is the player who last won the much-coveted, Brownlow Medal, and that was 'Gary Ablett Jnr' - last year in 2009.

At the moment - Gary Ablett Junior


'Buddy' Franklin OR:

1. - Dane Swan (Collingwood) 2. - Chris Judd (Carlton) 3. - Nick Riewoldt (St. Kilda) 4. - Leigh Montagna (St. Kilda) 5. - Jonathan Brown / Adam Goodes (Brisbane / Sydney). Another very strong contender is Gary Ablett Jnr - finished 2nd; with Dane Swan 3rd.

Chris Judd it was who eventually won the coveted Brownlow Medal.



Dale Thomas has been travelling brilliantly most of this year.

In my view, the other player to watch is Chris Judd - for a possible second medal in a row!


These are my top 25 players in the AFL as of the 23/8/2011:

1. Chris Judd

2. Scott Pendelbury

3. Gary Ablett Jr

4. Dane Swan

5. Buddy Franklin

6. Adam Goodes

7. Luke Hodge

8. Marc Murphy

9. Cyril Rioli

10. Paul Chapman

11. Brenden Goddard

12. Matthew Scarlett

13. Jobe Watson

14. Dale Thomas

15. Joel Selwood

16. Matthew Boyd

17. Jack Reiwoldt

18. Aaron Sandilands

19. Nick Dal Santo

20. Brett Delideo

21. Bryce Gibbs

22. Lenny Hayes

23. Scott Thompson (Adel)

24. Travis Cloke

25. Andrew Swallow

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Matthew Lloyd - Essendon [This answer belongs to the vintage of 2000+]

Lloyd is long retired now [2010].

The more recent top performers have been players like Gary Ablett Jnr (Geelong), Joel Selwood (Geelong) and Chris Judd (Carlton)

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The answer to this question is virtually, inaccessible.

The only formal body which might have some access to it would be the VFL-AFL Tribunal Archives - assuming they are kept.

Even then, a person would have to go over the outcomes of every case that ever went before the tribunal and record them for each player suspended. As the exercise would ellicit no renumeration for the researcher, who would have to be an employee specifically commissioned for finding such an ineffectual useless fact, the exercise will never ever be undertaken.

[Perhaps, in fact, the question really deserves the status of one which adds no value and be trashed]

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1. luke hodge

2.buddy Franklin

3.chris judd

4. cyrol rioli

5. Scott pendlebury

6. dane swan

7. Gary abblet jnr

8. Joel selwood

9. James bartel

10. aaron sandilands

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The best AFL player of all time is a under 16's Jacana player, number 35 Brandon Shore

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the best player in afl is Garry ablet or chriss judd

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Q: Who is the best afl player of all time?
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