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There is no "best". Many people have gear on the max level. It is impossible to tell, for the game isn't entirely skill but more a commitment of time.

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the worst people are *Gold Farmers*,*Ninja Looters*,*Beggers*, and Gold Spammers.

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Q: Who is the best World of Warcraft player?
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What is the best form in World of Warcraft?

Go player versus envirment you can still do some pvp but its the best way to start

Is there a player called Leedma on World of Warcraft?

There may be but they do not show up in the World of Warcraft Armory.

Who is the best paladin in World of Warcraft? paladin in the world

What is the best MMORPG in the US?

World of Warcraft is the best.

How could a World of Warcraft player discover the WoW status of his realm?

A World of Warcraft player can discover the WoW status of his realm by visiting the home page of his realm. You could also ask others on the World of Warcraft Forum.

Is World of Warcraft the best game?


Is the burning crusade of World of Warcraft multiplayer?

World of Warcraft is a Massively Multi-player Online Role-Playing Game (MMORPG). All of the expansions are multi-player.

World of Warcraft is noob?

No. World Of Warcraft is not noob. Noob is a new player that is highly unexperienced. MOST of the time Noob is used as an insult.

Who is crevil?

Crevil is a Counter-strikeand World of Warcraft player.

Is there a game like world of Warcraft only single player?


What World of Warcraft game should you get?

Are you asking for the best Warcraft game? Or the best battlegrounds in World of Warcraft? If the best Warcraft game, then single player: III, The Frozen Throne. If you mean battlegrounds then I think Arathi is more fun than Warsong and Alterac Valley.

Who is holisterhero?

The best mage on World of Warcraft ever.