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The best ever Toronto Maple Leaf goalie was Terry Sawchuk.

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Q: Who is the best Toronto Maple Leaf goalie ever?
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Who the best Toronto maple leaf player?

mats sundin

What does the number 13 signify on the maple leaf jersey?

The number 13 on a Maple Leafs jersey signifies (most likely) Mats Sundin.Mats Sundin is the all-time points leader for the Toronto Maple Leafs and is usually referred to the "The Best Toronto Maple Leaf" of all-time.

Who is the best Toronto maple leaf of all time?

phil kessel mats sundin not frickeing kaberla

This former Toronto maple leafs left wing had his number retired by leafs on November 22 2008 who is he and what is his name?

The player is the best leaf ever and that is Wendel Clark

Who was the Toronto maple leafs best player?

mats sundin

Who is Toronto maple leafs best player?

nazem kadri

Who is the best Canadian ice hockey team?

Toronto Maple Leafs

Who is the best Canada NHL team?

The Toronto Maple Leafs of course

Did mats sundin retire as a canuck?

Yes. He retired as a Canuck but will be known as the best Toronto Maple Leaf of all time. He is also in the top 25 of all-time NHL point scorers.

Who is the Toronto maple leafs best player?

Most Likely Gabrovsky or Kessel

Who is the best hockey player on the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Thats easy Phil Kessel is the obvios choice!

What is the Montreal Canadien's lifetime record against the Toronto Maple Leafs?

Montreal is the best team ever in ice hockey because they have 24 Stanley Cups as Toronto has 14.