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Cierre Wood

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Q: Who is the best Notre Dame football player ever?
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Which state has best football players?

notre dame....

Who was the best college football team during the 1920s?

Notre Dame

What is the best football colledge?

Notre Dame,Texas A&M, and Florida

Who has the best record NCAA football history?

University of Notre Dame

Why is the Notre Dame important?

first off, they are the best football team ever and secondly, the forward pass was invented at notre dame and usc sucks

Who was the last player to win the Lombardi award as college football's best lineman or linebacker for notre dame?

Through the 2008 season, that was Aaron Taylor in 1993.

What College 1A Football team has the best all-time winning percentage?

1) Notre Dame-.74721 2) Michigan-.73981

What football players wore the number 23 at notre dame?

Art Best Clarence Ellis Autry Denson Lo Wood (present)

What is Notre Dame best known for academically?

lemons in the summer time.

Who is the best Notre Dame coach?

Digger Phelps had some success at Notre Dame. Notre Dame has never really been a basketball powerhouse. He hasn't been there very long, but Mike Brey has a pretty good team there right now.

Who wrote the Notre Dame fight song?

William Studwell was a professor that wrote the Notre Dame fight song. The fight song is band's most played and most popular song. The Notre Dame song was best fight song ever made.

What college football team has the best record of all time?

#1 Michigan #2 Texas #3 Notre Dame #4 Nebraska #5 Ohio State

Which college has produced the most nfl players of all time?

According to Pro Football Reference, as of the 2008 season that would be Notre Dame who have 495 former players that were on NFL rosters. Second is USC at 415. That's a good answer! Notre Dame is The best College in United States History!!

What is Rudy Ruettiger best known for?

Rudy Ruettiger is best known for being the inspiration for the movie called Rudy. He played football at the University of Notre Dame and went on to become a motivational speaker.

In which region is the Cathedral of Notre Dame located?

The Cathedral of Notre Dame is located in Paris, France. It is a very historic Catholic cathedral. It is located in central Paris and is one of the world's best known cathedrals.

What are the best selling college football jerseys?

The Ohio State University University of Notre Dame USC Texas Michigan Texas Penn State University of Miami LSU Oklahoma

Who has the best winning percentage in college football since 1958?

The University of Notre Dame has the highest winning percentage during that time. They have had 875 wins, 305 losses and 42 ties.

Who is the best Notre Dame football coach?

In the modern era Lou Holtz is considered to be the most successful Fighting Irish coach. He coached for 11 years at Notre Dame and had a record of 100-30-2 which gives him a winning percentage of .765. Taking into account all Notrue Dame head coaches the best would have to be Knute Rockne. He coached for 13 years and had a record of 105-12-5 which gives him a winning percentage of .881.

Who was the only team to win 13 national championships?

Notre Dame Fighting Irish because they are the best ever.

Who is the best Slovenian football player?

who is slovenija's best football player?

What league is the best football player in?

This will depend on who you believe to be the best football player.

Who is japan's best football player?

Honda is the best Japan football player!

Is usc the best team ever?

Yes USC is the best, UCLA, Notre Dame, Florida, Alabama, Oregon, Stanford, Texas and so on are terrible

Who is the best football player of 2009?

the best football player of 2009 is Ryan gigs

Whos the best Football player?

Troy polomalu is the best i mean the best football player ever.