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Fui Fui Moi Moi, has to be the biggest player in the Eels

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Q: Who is the best NRL player in the Eels?
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Which nrl team is the best?

Eels are the best... Obviously...

Eels are the best nrl team?

yes they are the best and broncos are homos

How did Jarryd Hayne become famous?

He is an Australian NRL player. He plays for the parramatta eels (boo) and he is the winger

Who is the best NRL team ever?

The South Sydney Rabbitohs are and they always will be. Chris Sandow is the best play of them all. I hate the Eels.

Who is the best nrl player for 2012?


Is wally the best NRL player?

Andrew johns cant play he is a drugo wally Lewis is the king of NRL and would snap every NSW player who stood in his way hes the best NRL player of all time hes from QLD suck NSW lol

Parramatta eels best score in nrl?

Their biggest win was beating the Sharks 74-4, which is a difference of 70 points. This would probably be their highest score.

Who's the best nrl player?

it is actually wally lewis

Who will win the 2009 NRL Premiership?

parramattar eels led by jarrod hayne and not the broncos or the knights

Is storm going to win the nrl grandfinal?

Yes the storms are going to win eels suck

What its the best nrl player?

well of all time Andrew johns was voted but currently greg inglis is the best player

Is Trent hodkinson the best player in the nrl bulldogs?

Not really but he is good at kicking