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Yu Darvish

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Q: Who is the best Japanese baseball player still playing in Japan?
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Where is Kevin Youkalis playing?

Kevin Youkalis a professianal baseball player is playing in Japan.

What is Kamenashi well known for?

Kamenashi Kazuya is known for being a Japanese baseball player. He has played Japanese baseball and participated in games between US and Japanese teams. He also hosts a TV show in Japan.

What teams play in japan baseball?

Japanese teams

What movies were playing when the japan earthquake happened?

ask someone japanese! :)

Why did Japan's like baseball?

it contained elements that were already part of japanese culture

Is there little league in Japan?

Yes, and major leagues as well, Japan is a baseball-playing country.

Who was the first cardinal baseball player from japan?

The first Cardinals player of full Japanese ancestry was So Taguchi, born in Nishinomiya, Hyogo, Japan whose first season with the Cardinals was 2002. The first Cardinals player that was born in Japan was second baseman Bobby Fenwick who played 5 games with the team in 1973. Fenwick was born in Okinawa and his father was American.

Who is Japan's best baseball player?

Sadaharu Oh

Where does Japanese art originate from?

Japanese art is inherently Japanese.

The main nationality of Japan?

Japanese is the nationality.

Is the size of a baseball used in Japan the same size as it is in the USA?

Yes. The baseball is almost standard in size the world over. The playing field isn't so standard. I believe the Japanese pitcher's mound is shorter and closer to home plate. Actually the baseball sizes are slightly different in Japan and USA professional baseball. I played baseball there and in the states and was informed that Japanese baseballs are slightly lighter, but almost not noticable.

Which baseball player was born in Osaka Japan?

Hideo Nomo