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lan bell is the best player of ENGLAND

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Q: Who is the best England cricket player?
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Who is best cricket player in England?

The best cricket player in England is James Andreson.

Who is England's best cricket player?

Andrew Flintoff is the best cricket in England side.

Which Indian cricket player played cricket for both India and England?


Who is the best cricket player right now?

Kamran Akmal is the new and best young player in cricket.

Which is the best cricket player?

rachit jaswal is the best cricket player and once hit six sixes

Who is the best cricket player in cricket history?

sachin tendulkar

Where is the best cricket player from?


What is the average wage for a cricket player in England?

county cricket player (uncapped) 12k average premiership footballer 1 million top cricket player in England 120k top premiership footballer 3 million see the difference

Who is longest serving cricket player in England?

Vilbrid Road

How old is the England Cricket player Marcus Trescothick?


Who is best cricket player in girls team in India?

Mithali Raj is the best cricket player in girls team in India

Which rank is for sachin tendulkar?

sachin ramesh tendulker is the best player in cricket .He has so much records in cricket .He is more better than brain Lara .He is the best player of Indian team.He is 1 rank in the cricket .He is the best player in cricket .

Who are the best-known cricket players from England?

Some of the best known cricket players in England are Kevin Pieterson, Andrew Strauss, Freddie Flintoff, Ian Bell.

IS john stephenson one of the most famous cricket player in England?

No, He is not one of the famous cricket player in England cricket. Because, He just playes one test match for England where he scores 36 runs in two innings with highest score of 25 runs.

Who is the best cricket test team in the world?

england =p

Who is the oldest player to play test cricket for England?

Mike GAtting

Who is the current Essex cricket player who plays for England?

alistair cook

Where is cricket from?

england. England invented cricket in the 1800s.

Which country invented cricket?

England invented cricket

What team is the best cricket team 2011?


Who is the best young cricket player in India?


Best cricket player in the world?

sachin tendulkar

World best cricket player?

Shahid afridi

Who is the best international cricket player?

It is Sachin Tendulkar.

Who is the best australian cricket player?

shane watson