Who is the best Celtic FC player?

Updated: 10/22/2022
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jimmy jonstone

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Q: Who is the best Celtic FC player?
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Are jedward Celtic fc fans?

Yes Jedward are Celtic FC and Newcastle FC fans

Who has more trophies Arsenal fc and Celtic fc?

Celtic Celtic have 109 trophies to Arsenals 45

Mitsubishi advertisement jimmy johnstone?

Jimmy Johnstone was Celtic Football Club's ' Greatest Ever Player'. Celtic FC are said to have the Best Fans in the World and their fans are welcomed anywhere in the world.

Who is reading fc's best player?

Best player in the history of FC Reading is Gylfi Sigurdsson.

Where is Celtic fc?

They Are in Glasgow Scotland

What is Celtic fc's nickname?


Who is the best player in the FC Barcelona?


What year was Celtic fc formed?

Celtic F.c were made in the year 1888

Who is the Celtic fc manager?

Gordon Strachan.

What year did Celtic FC form?


Did Celtic FC beat Barcelona in 2006?


Is Celtic fc the best Scottish club?

Yes, without a doubt since Celtic won the European Cup in 1967 a feat no other Scottish team has achieved.