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Steve Young

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Q: Who is the best Brigham Young University quarterback ever?
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Who was the best quarterback at university of Kentucky?

Tim Couch

Who was the best quarterback from university of Miami?

Ken dorsey

Which quarterback has the best percentage in NFL history?

Steve Young

Who is the oldest quarterback?

Brett favre and he is the best and way better than vince young

Who was the best quarterback for the university of Texas?

colt mccoy he did really good his whole career with the longhorns

What is the best college team ever?

The University of Texas is by far the best college ever they have had the best running backs of all time earl Campbell and Ricky Williams and they have the cest scrambling quarterback Vince Young and the quarter back who has the most wins Colt McCoy

Is Brigham Young University better than the University of Utah?

Yes, BYU is better. It is always ranked higher in undergraduate rankings and have some of the best professors in the country. The SAT and GPA scores of students going to BYU are also much higher than at the University of Utah. And there football program is way better than utahs

Who is considered the best quarterback?

The best quarterback ever would have to be Johnny Unitas.

What did Brigham Young discourage?

Brigham Young was a religious leader, so he mostly discouraged people from participating in sin or sinful practices or practices which seemed likely to lead to sin.Brigham Young did his level best to discourage mining. He was not successful. The mountains of the West were full of precious metals, but Brigham saw the miners were not steady family men, and that was kind of life he wanted for his people.At one point Brigham Young discouraged people from doing business with non-Mormons. It was his intention of driving non-Mormons out of the state. It had been the Mormon experience that they were only safe when they were isolated.He discouraged people from drinking.He discouraged people from using tobacco.

Who is a better quarterback?

joe Montana is the best ever followed by Steve young, john elway, dan marino, Jim kelly.

Who is the best quaterback?

Peyton MANNING is the best quarterback.

What was Andrew young best known for?

Andrew Young Is Known For Being A Black Man That Went To Dillard And Howard University

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