Who is the best AFL player ever?

Updated: 9/27/2023
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Placing a question like this is as 'opening a can of worms'!!

The only safe thing that can be said is:

Haydn Bunton Snr has won more national/state Best and Fairest awards than any other player with 6: three Brownlow Medals in Victoria, then three Sandover Medals in WA.

From there, countless other names may be put forward, among them being: Laurie Nash, Dick Reynolds, Tony Lockett, Gary Ablett, Alex Jesaulenko, Leigh Matthews, John Coleman, Peter Hudson, Graham Farmer, Darrell Baldock, Russell Ebert, Barrie Robran, Ted Whitten, Ron Barassi, Jason Dunstall, Bob Skilton, Wayne Carey and the list becomes almost endless among names any one of which may worthily be considered "the best ever"!!!

If we were simply to mull over the greatest ever ruckman, for instance, we would probably have to vie between John Nicholls and Graham Farmer ... and that is just for the one position!

How long is a piece of string??!!

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Gary Ablett Snr is the best AFL player And Wayne Carey is 2nd is the best forward in AFL history

EDIT: This is wrong. The best AFL player is a question that can only be answered with opinion, of which there are many different ones.

In my view, the best player ever was Leigh Matthews, he is easily the best I have seen.

Carey is a close second.

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Aaron sandilands 211 cm.

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Q: Who is the best AFL player ever?
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