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Q: Who is the batsman to raise his bat after getting century?
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Waqar Younis once gave his bat to a youngster who used that bat to score a record breaking century Who was that batsman?

Shahid Afridi

Cricket fielder tries to run out batsman bat is in air above crease?

If the neither the batsman or the bat are touching the ground in the crease when the ball hits the wickets, the batsman is out. This is why it is important to 'grind your bat' as you run in.

If batsman get entered in a crease after that ball hits a stump at that time batsman leg and bat both in air then it will be out or not out?

he will be out if he leg and bat is up in the air!!

In cricket match why batsman raises bat after hitting century?

The short answer: to acknowledge the applause that is sure to be forthcoming from spectators, teammates, and opponents alike.

What does scored a century mean in cricket?

A batsman is considered to have scored a century when he completes a score of 100 runs off his bat. Extras, byes etc are not counted in a batsman's score. Sachin Tendulkar and Brian Lara are two bastmen who have the most number of centuries in cricket.

Who is the lighter bat weight batsman?

Then go and weigh them !

Is the batsman out when he puts his bat on the line?

yes, the bats man is out his foot or bat is on the line.

Is the batsman out in the bowler bowles the ball full toss straight to batsman's shoulder and the batsman hits the wickets with his bat?

Yes. It's Hit Wicket.

What is a bat-pad?

A bat-pad is a fielding position in cricket very close to the batsman, or a fielder in this position.

What Australian batsman uses a kookaburra cricket bat?

ricky ponting

Can a batsman bat both left and right in a cricket match?


What if the ball was caught when the bat hits the ball and at that time of hitting the ball the bat slips and it hits the ball on its own without batsman's intentions will that be considered as out or?

Yaa, if someone takes a catch then the batsman is out definitely.