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Dikembe Mutumbo

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Q: Who is the basketball playing guy in the Geico commercial?
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Who is the guy in the Geico basketball commercial?

us open tennis champion kim clijster's husband. art seitz

Who is the Geico guy in the commercial about the pigs?

mike mcglone

What is the music in the Geico commercial with the guy on a motorcycle?

with camper

Who is black guy in Geico scrabble commercial?

Brian Orakpo

What does the pig say to the guy on the zip cord on the current Geico commercial?

Pure adrenaline

Who are the male actors in the Geico witch commercial?

The Big guy is Daniel Stewart Sherman And the Mustache guy is Jason Salmon

What is the TNT basketball commercial song?

IF it is the newest one, which has just music and no words. A guy playing an electric guitar. its Muse - Madness

What are the words to the new Geico pig commercial?

When he passes by the other guy on the zip line he says Pure. Adrenaline.

Is the guy in the gas station in the Nissan altima commercial a Geico cave man?

I think so. He does that head turn in the same way.

Who is the guy in the Geico commercial that asks the question and wears the brown suit?

Mike McGlone

What is the name of the guitar player in the Geico happier than series of commercials?

The commercial just came on. The guy with the acoustic guitar is called Jimmy. That's what they other guy called him.

Who is the actor portraying Marco Polo in the new Geico commercial?

I think he's the same as the guy in the 2017 Buick commercial with the lady returning from Italy.

What male actor plays the bad guy pulling his mask off in the Geico horror spoof commercial?

brad pitt

Who is the guy who kisses the camera playing basketball?


What does the actor say in the Geico rescue panther commercial?

I think the guy says"I think I might...", and then the wife very quickly and abruptly say "Sh" and cuts him off .

What song was playing in love and basketball when monica and Quincy were at usc?

"I like" by Guy

In the iPhone commercial with the cat Stevens song who is that tall guy in the midle?

Phil Jackson, NBA Basketball coach.

Who is the falcon guy in state farm insurance commercial?

His name is Tony Brooks. He is my head basketball coach at the moment.

Who is the nature guy in the geico commercials?

The David Attenborough-type nature guy in the Geico ads is an actor by the interesting name of Leszek Burzyncki. Sure hope its not a stage name!

Who is the guy playing an injured football player in the sprint 69.99 commercial?

Gary Bennet

Who is the geico-on-the-radio guy?

It's David Magidoff

Who is the guy in the karaoke geico ad?

Chris Schneider

Who is the girl playing the piano in the com cast commercial while the guy dances?

Sara Bareilles

What movie is playing in the Direct TV commercial where the wolves are attacking a guy with a torch and its snowing?


Who is the guy playing the hamblor in the new Carl's Jr commercial?

It's Francis J Cura: