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no body has scored 137 points in the game the highest score that single person has had in a game is 100 and the was wilt chamberlin

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Q: Who is the basketball player made a 137 points in 1984?
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Most points a player has made in basketball?

100 points by Wilt Chamberlain 3/2/1962.

What are basketball transition points?

points made from a defensive rebound

How much are basketball goals?

In the game of basketball, points are scored when a player makes a basket in the opposing teams goal. The scoring of shots goes like this: any shot made inside of the "three point line" is two points, any shot made outside of the "three point line" is three points, and free throws made are one point each.

What is 3pm-a mean in basketball?

That means 3 Points Made - Attempted !

How many points for shot made outside arc in basketball?

Thay are three points, or three-pointers

What is the most points made in a games by one player in a basketball game?

Wilt Chamberlain scored 100 point in 1962 when he played for the Philadelphia 76ers

When is a basket made in basketball?

A basket is made when one team player gets the basketball through their hoop.

Who is the highest personal score in basketball?

100 points, made by Wilt Chamberlain

What made Lisa Leslie such an extraordinary basketball player?

what made Lisa Leslie a extraordinary player

How can a player score 4 points in a single shot in basketball?

This can happen when a player is fouled while shooting a 3-pointer and makes the shot. They are awarded with a free throw, in addition to making the 3-pointer. If the free throw is made, the result is 4 points.

What are the release dates for Made - 2002 Stephanie Is Made Into a Basketball Player 5-12?

Made - 2002 Stephanie Is Made Into a Basketball Player 5-12 was released on: USA: 17 February 2005

Who has made the highest total points of his career in men's college basketball?

John Peirce 4230 points Division III

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