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Glenn McGrath is the bowler with most wickets.He has taken 71 wickets in total.

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Q: Who is the baller with most wickets till now?
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Who took six wickets in a Maiden Over?

There is no one till now.

How many wickets is taken by Umar Gul in T20 International Cricket till now?


How many English bowlers have taken 250 test wickets?

In the history of Test Cricket 36 bowlers have made hat-tricks till now.

Who is the 2nd most wicket taker in test matches?

Its Shane Warne now. He has 708 wickets

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actually people say that Shane Warne has the best career in cricket because he has taken the most wickets in his career and he is considered the best spinner. best off spinner now:Harbhajan singh best leg spinner now: Shahid afridi best seamer now:Lasith Malinga, Zaheer khan,Brett Lee, Shoaib Akhtar. best slow left arm now:Daniel vettori

How many wickets has lasith malinga taken in tests?

Malinga is not playing tests now. We know malinga as a fast bowler. He got 91 wickets when he was playing.

Who is the highest Pakistani wicket-taker in 1-day international cricket?

Wasim Akram is the leading Pakistani wicket taker in One Day Internationals, with 502 wickets to his name. He is second only in the world to the now retired Muttiah Muralitharan (who is 17 ahead on 519). The third most ODI wickets for a bowler also belongs to a Pakistani bowler, Waqar Younis, with 416. Chaminda Vaas (400 wickets exactly) completes the quartet of bowlers with 400 or more wickets.

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