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Brad Johnson, former Vikings QB, and Super Bowl Champion with the Tampa Bay Buccaneers.

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Q: Who is the back up quarterback for Tony Romo?
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Who is Tony Romo's back up for the 2007 season?

Brad Johnson

What is Tony Romo's hometown?

Tony Romo grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin.

What is Tony Romo's hometown?

Tony Romo grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin.

What is Tony's hometown?

Tony Romo grew up in Burlington, Wisconsin.

Where did Tony Romo grow up?

Burlington, WI

Who was the New England Patriots quarterback in 1985?

The starting quarterback for the 1985 New England Patriots was Tony Eason. The back up quarterback was Steve Grogan.

Is Carrie Underwood married to Tony Romo?

No! they split up!

How did Tony Romo begin his career in the NFL?

In 2003, he signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent quarterback from Eastern Illinois University. He made his way up the depth chart and became the Cowboys' starting quarterback in October 2006.

Why doesn't Tony Romo seem to care more about his position and career with the Dallas Cowboys?

Cause Tony is stuck up and takes steroids.

Who was the black quarterback who backed up Terry Bradshaw in college?

tony dungy

How many years did Tony Romo play back up and with what team?

Tony Romo signed with the Dallas Cowboys as an undrafted free agent prior to the 2003 season. He assumed the starting job in the 2006 season. He spent three and a half seasons as a backup and practice squad player, all with the Cowboys, before becoming the starter.

How much does the back up Quarterback make for the New England Patriots?

Patriot back up quarterback Ryan Mallett will make $776,976 for the 2014 season.

Do all college football players declaring for draft get drafted?

No. Many of them wind up signing as free agents with National Football League teams. Some of them eventually made it big in the pro game (example: Dallas Cowboys quarterback Tony Romo, who was not drafted in 2003).

Who is the New England Patriots back up quarterback?

The current back-up QB is Brian Hoyer.

Is Carrier Underwood married to Tony Romo?

No, Carrie and Tony dated in 2007 but broke up after several months. she is now engaged to Mike Fischer who plays hockey for the Ottawa Senators.

Who is the back up QB for Drew Brees?

The back up quarterback for Drew Brees is Chase Daniels, number 10.

Was there an NFL quarterback named Harrell?

Yes. A back up for Aaron Rodgers.

Who was the back up quarterback for the Miami Dolphins?

dooodle mc fly bum

Was Duane Rao back up quarterback for U Of M in 1971 or 1972?


BYU National Champion player Quarterback?

Robbie Bosco was the quarterback for most of the season. Blaine Fowler was the back-up and he played a bit that season.

Who is 49ers backup qb in 2013?

The 49ers back up quarterback for 2013 is Colt McCoy.

How many Super Bowl rings did Steve Young earned as a back-up quarterback?


Who is the NFL team Arizona Cardinals quarterback?

kevin kolb, and the back up is john skelton

Why is Jon kitna the qb for Dallas?

He is Dallas's "Back-up" QB. He should be the main guy because he is better than Romo.

What are the players called who line up behind the quarterback before the ball is snapped?

First is the Fullback and in the back is the Halfback or Running Back.