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The Indianapolis Colts are considered the "Home Team" for Super Bowl XLIV.

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Q: Who is the away team for 2010 Super Bowl?
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Has Aaron Rodgers ever been on a super bowl team?

The 2010 Green Bay Packers are his first team to land a Super Bowl berth.

What team beat the vikings to go to the Super Bowl 2010?

The New Orleans Saints beat the Minnesota Vikings to go to the 2010 Super Bowl.

What year did the New Orleans Saints football team win the Super Bowl?

The professional American football team New Orleans Saints won their first and only Super Bowl game on the 7th of February 2010. It was the Super Bowl XLIV.

What American football team won the last Super Bowl?

The New Orleans Saints won the Super Bowl in 2010.

Who has won more super bowls the visiting team or home team?

There is no home and away teams in the super Bowl, only home and away uniforms.

What team is the AFC for the Super Bowl 2010?

the Indianapolis colts

Has every team in the NFL been to the Super Bowl?

As of 2010, Detroit, Cleveland, Houston and Jacksonville have never been to the Super Bowl.

Which team had the most rushing yards in Super Bowl 2010?


Which team was the winner of the Super Bowl in 2010?

New Orleans Saints

Which team had the longest field goal in the 2010 Super Bowl?


What team won the Super Bowl on February 7 2010?


Which team won in the super Bowl of 2010?

The New Orleans Saints.

Why does the AFC team play on Sunday and the NFC team play on Saturday in the Super Bowl?

For Super Bowl XLVIII the AFC is considered the home team. For the tv broadcasts, the away team plays Saturday and the home team plays Sunday.

Who will lose in the 2010 Super Bowl?

The team with the lowest score at the end of the game.

Will the Indianpolis colts play in the Super Bowl in 2010?

They have a chance, they have a good team.

What team won the Super Bowl in the year 2010?

The New Orleans Saints

Which team won Super Bowl XLIV in 2010?

The New Orleans Saints

Which nfl team won the 2010 super bowl?

The New Orleans Saints won the Superbowl in 2010.

Have the NFL team the New Orleans Saints won a Super Bowl?

Yes. They won Super Bowl XLIV(44) on February 7, 2010. It was the franchise's first ever Super Bowl appearance and win.

Why are the Steelers the away team for super bowl XLV?

The role of home team alternates every season between the two conferences, AFC and NFC. In Super Bowl XLIV the AFC representative Indianapolis Colts were the home team. Super Bowl XLV is designated with the NFC as the home team, therefore making the Green Bay Packers the home team.

Why are the Colts wearing home uniforms and Saints away uniforms for this year's Super Bowl?

In the Super Bowl, the AFC is the home team in even numbered games and the NFC is the home team in odd numbered games. This being Super Bowl 44 (XLIV), an even number, the Colts are designated as the home team.

Which team is going to the Super Bowl?

2010- Saints VS Colts! Go Saints... ;)

What team is going to win the Super Bowl 2010?

The New Orleans Saints! Who Dat!

Which team called the first timeout in the 2010 Super Bowl?

New Orleans Saints.

What two team are playing in the football Super Bowl 2010?

Nobody knows yet