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His theme song, "No More Words" is by Endeverafter.

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Q: Who is the artist of Jeff Hardy's theme song?
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What is the name and who is the artist of Jeff Hardys current theme song?

No More Words by Endeverafter

What is Jeff Hardys new theme song?

Another me

Who plays Jeff hardys theme song resseructed?

Jeff Hardy's theme song is done by himself and Dave Oliver.

Jeff Hardy WWE song?

in tna Jeff hardys theme song was modest by the band peroxwhy? the wwe,his theme song is no more words by the way,the band peroxwhy?gen is totally Jeff hardys band,he is the lead singer!!!

Who sang Jeff Hardy's entrance song?

Jeff Hardys theme song is currently "No More Words" by Endeverafter

Jeff hardys theme song?

No More Words sung by EverandAfter

What is Jeff hardys tna theme song called?

it calls modest

What is Jeff hardys tna theme song?

As of February 2011, it is Another by Jeff Hardy and Dale Oliver

Who sings Jeff hardys entrance song?

His old WWE theme was performed by Endeverafter. Jeff's TNA theme's all feature Jeff himself on vocals.

Where can you get the names of the WWE Entrance themes?

you can go to a myspace page and look it up,or you can type in who is the person who sings 'bla bla blas' theme song.the only theme song that i know is Jeff hardys theme song.the name of Jeff hardys theme song is no more words by endeverafter.

What is the name of Jeff hardys old theme song?

it had no name it was always refered to as Jeff hary's theme song, that's if you mean the Hardy Boyz theme song, otherwise it's No More Words by Endeverafter

Where can you download Jeff Hardys Theme Song?

Try They have some mobile downloads there.

What is the name of the band that does Jeff Hardy's entrance song?

endeverafter is the band that sings Jeff hardys 2008 entrance theme

Who sings Jeff hardys theme song?

In wwe his theme song is played by a band called Enderafter. And in TNA his theme song is played by jeffs band Peroxwhy?gen Or Just Peroxwhygen

Who sings WWE the hardy boyz theme song?

Jeff Hardys newest theme song was sung by the band of Endeverafter " No More Words"<Title

Whats Jeff hardys new theme by Endeverafter?

No more words is the name of the song , the song will be released on march 22nd 2008

Who is the creator of the song no more words?

endeverafter sings wwe star Jeff hardys theme no more words

What is the hardys theme song by?

They usually sing their own theme song.

What was Jeff hardys TNA entrance music?

His First theme song was sung by his band Peroxwygen - Modest. his current tna theme is Peroxwhygen - Another

Is Jeff hardys songs on iTunes?

If you mean Peroxwhy?gen, sadly its not. But his theme song No More Words is available on iTunes.

What is the name of the Hardy Boys entrance theme?

It is unknown what the previous entrance theme was when they were known as a stable the 'Hardy Boyz'. Matt Hardys theme song in the WWE is currently - "Live for the Moment" by Monster Magnet. Jeff Hardys theme music in TNA is "Modest" by Peroxwhy?gen.

Who made Jeff hardys 2010 tna theme song and what is it called?

I don't know who made his TNA song but I do know that his TNA song name is called Darkness.

What is the name of Jeff hardys first song?


What is Jeff hardys favorite song?

second chance

What was Jeff Hardys theme song in 2007?

it is the same as it was before. it is called 'Hardy' but it was compiled on a soundboard by music co-ordinitor, Jim Johnson

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