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Q: Who is the antagonist for the travel team?
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What is the antagonist in travel team?

Who is the antagonist in travel team

What are the Pokemon team in Pokemon Diamond?

Both Pokemon Diamond and Pearl have Team Galactic as the main antagonist team.

What is Danny's travel team name in the book travel team?

Danny's travel team name in the book "Travel Team" is the Middletown Mustangs.

Who are the antagonist from Pokemon?

Team Rocket consisting of Jessie, James, and Meowth.

Who wrote Travel Team?

Mike Lupica wrote "Travel Team."

Do the New York Yankees travel together as a team or individually?

Usually they travel together as a team.

Is travel better than high school?

depends on the high school team and the travel team, if the high school team stinks then yes.

What is the travel teams name in Travel Team the book?

the vikings

What year did the travel team take place?

"The Travel Team" by Mike Lupica was published in 2007.

When you bend your elbow what is the triceps muscle acting as in relation acting as in relation to the biceps muscle?


What happens in chapter 4 the book travel team by mike lupica?

the theme of the book travel team is Danny tries out for the town travel team the same team his dad lead to championships and he gets cut for being too short so his dad decides to stay with Danny and make a travel team for those who got cut.

What is the mood of travel team?

The mood of "Travel Team" by Mike Lupica is generally uplifting and hopeful as the protagonist faces challenges and overcomes obstacles to pursue their passion for basketball. The story captures themes of perseverance, teamwork, and self-discovery, creating a sense of inspiration and triumph for readers.