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Rickey Henderson, by far. He had 1,406 stolen bases. The next closest was Lou Brock with 938.

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Q: Who is the all time stolen base leader in professional baseball?
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Who is the all time stolen base leader?

According to Baseball Almanac, Rickey Henderson is the all time leader in stolen bases with 1,406.

Who is the New York Yankees all-time stolen base leader?

Derek Jeter is the Yankees all-time stolen base leader.

What is SB short for in baseball?

Stolen BaseIn baseball, the acronym/abbreviation SB stands for "Stolen Base."

What is s.b. in baseball?

stolen base

What does sb mean in baseball?

stolen base

Is tagging up in baseball considered a stolen base?

No, a stolen base only occurs when a batter attempts to take a base during a pitch.

Who is the Atlanta Braves all time stolen base leader?


What does SB mean on a baseball card?

Stolen Base.

What does SB mean in baseball stats?

Stolen Base

What do the initials SB indicates in baseball?

Stolen Base

What does stolen base mean in baseball?

If the catcher misses a ball pitch and it goes behind him and while he's getting it you run to the next base that is a stolen base.

Who holds the record for most career stolen bases?

Rickey Henderson is MLB's all time stolen base leader with 1406.

Who is the MLB all time stolen base leader among catchers?

Ricky henderson

What is steal in baseball?

Stealing is the same thing as a stolen base in baseball/softball. It is when there is a person on 1st, 2nd, or 3rd and they run to the next base while the pitcher is in the middle of their pitch. If the runner advances to the next base without being thrown out by the catcher, then they have stolen that base.

In baseball what does SB mean?

SB means Stolen Base, in a scorebook.

Which Minnesota Twin has the most stolen bases?

The Twins all time stolen base leader is Chuck Knoblauch with 276. The franchise all time stolen base leader is Clyde Milan with 495. The Twins played in Washington as the Senators between 1901-1960 and Milan played with Washington between 1907-1922.

Who led the New York Yankees in stolen bases for 2009?

Derek Jeter was the stolen base leader for the Yankees in 2009 with 30 steals.

What is the meaning of a stolen base in baseball or softball?

if your on a base and the ball leaves the pitchers hands you can run to the next base. that's called stealing the base

How many feet from first base in professional baseball to second base?

90 feet

Seattle Mariners career stolen base leader?

Through the 2009 season, that is Ichiro Suzuki with 341.

When is a stolen base not a stolen base?

When it's defensive indifference

Who was the last Brave to lead league in stolen bases?

No ATLANTA Brave has ever ended the season as the stolen base leader. Bill Bruton of the BOSTON Braves did in 1955.

What players are the top 2 on the career stolen bases list?

Rickey Henderson is MLB's all time stolen base leader with 1406. Lou Brock is second with 938.

What is the distance from home to first base in professional baseball?

90 ft.

When did National Association of Professional baseball Players end?

National Association of Professional Base Ball Players ended in 1875.