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The all time hits leader is Pete Rose with 4,192. Sadly he can't be inducted into the MLB Hall of Fame for his betting on Baseball as a manager.

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Pete Rose.

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Q: Who is the all time hits leaders in major league baseball?
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Who rules on hits in Major League Baseball?


Who has the most hits in a Major League baseball career?

Pete Rose - 4,256 hits

Who has the most major league hits in baseball history?

Pete Rose

Who have most hits in Major League Baseball 2010?

Joey votto

How many hits in Major League Baseball 2009?

43,524 - 22,741 in the National League and 20,783 in the American League.

What is the Major League Baseball hits record?

Pete Rose, hit 4,255 hits in his career

Who was the first major league baseball player with 4000 hits?

Ty Cobb.

What is a designated hitter in Major League Baseball?

a player who hits but does not play the field.

List of Major League Baseball hit recordslist of youngest to 3000 hits?


Who has the most playoff hits in the Major League Baseball?

Derek Jeter of the Yankees with 200 hits as of 10/15/12

Who holds the major league baseball record for most career hits in the postseason?

derek jeter

What major league baseball player holds the record for the most creear hits.?

Pete Rose