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Q: Who is the all time assists leader in division 3 basketball history?
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Who is the career leader in assists for college basketball?

In the NCAA Division 1 it is Bobby Hurley of Duke who had 1,076 assists in 140 games.

Who is the leader in Assists in the acc in mens basketball?

Bob Hurley, Duke. 1076 assists (all-time NCAA division one record).

Who is the steals leader in Indiana University men's basketball history?

mike woodson

Who is the Ncaa division 1 women's basketball scoring leader?

Jackie Stiles SW Missouri State with 3,393pts.

Who is the all time free throw leader in NCAA men's basketball history?

Blake Ahern

Who is IU basketball all time assist leader?

Michael Lewis is the all time Indiana University assists leader. He played from 1997-2000.

Who is the NCAA basketball all-time assist leader?

JoJo White Bobby Hurley of Duke with 1076 assists.

Who is the women's all-time assist leader in NCAA Division I women's basketball?

Suzie McConnel Serio - Penn State - 1307

Who is the all time division 1 three point leader in the NCAA in basketball?

Division One is JJ Redick of Duke with 457 treys. NCAA all-division leader is Jeff Clement of Grinnell with 519. John Grotberg, Grinnell '09 just finished his D3 career with 526 treys.

What is a good question to ask about basketball for a school project?

Some good questions include: When was basketball started? Who started basketball? Where was basketball started? What was one of the original ABA teams? Who has the most championships in NBA history? Who is the NBA's all-time blocked shots leader? Who has played the most minutes in NBA history?

Who is the all time leading scorer in womens college basketball history?

NCAA leader is Jackie Stiles of SW Missouri State.

Who is the all time leading rusher college football history?

As of the December 17, 2008, the NCAA all-division career rushing leader is Nate Kmic of Division III Mount Union with 7,986 yards. The Division I (Bowl Subdivision) career rushing leader is Ron Dayne of Wisconsin with 6,397 yards.The Division I (Championship Subdivision) career rushing leader is Adrian Peterson of Georgia Southern with 6,559 yards.The Division II career rushing leader is Danny Woodhead of Chadron State (Nebraska) with 7,871 yards.

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