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Phil Jackson. His teams have been to the NBA finals 12 times and he has won ten NBA championships. He also has the most victories in the NBA finals round with 43. His NBA Finals record of 43-23 gives him a win percentage in the NBA finals of .652.

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Q: Who is the all-time winningest coach in the NBA Finals?
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Who became NBA's winningest coach ever?

Lenny Wilkins: 1,226 Wins

Who is the winningest coach in the nba?

Don Nelson currently holds the record for the most wins as a NBA coach. His winning total is now at 1, 333 wins.

What coach has gone to the most nba finals?

Phil Jackson

What coach has won the most NBA finals?

the answer to the question is your mom

Who was the Orlando Magic basketball coach when the went to NBA finals in 1995?

Brian Hill

Did Lenny wilkins win a NBA Ring as a Coach?

Yes, as head coach of the Seattle Supersonics when they defeated the Washington Bullets, 4 games to 1, in the 1979 NBA finals.

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How many NBA finals have there been?

If you include the 2008 NBA Finals then there has been 62 NBA Finals.

Who won the 1920 NBA final?

In 1920 there were no NBA Finals. The NBA Finals officially started in 1947.

The Pistons had their winningest record during which season?

The Detroit Pistons had their winningest record during the 1988-1989 season when they had an impressive 63-19 record. This record was good enough to secure them the top seed in the Eastern Conference and the first of two consecutive trips to the NBA Finals. In the playoffs the Pistons swept the Knicks and the Bulls before defeating the Lakers 4-0 in the NBA Finals. The Pistons record during the 1988-1989 season was 63-19. They secured the top seed in the Eastern Conference. They went on to win their first NBA Championship sweeping the Lakers 4-0 in the NBA Finals.

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