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Adrian Peterson/Georgia Southern/Chicago Bears

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Q: Who is the all-time leading rusher in NCAA all divisions?
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Who is the NCAA leading rusher in 2008?

Shonne Greene

Who is the leading rusher in NCAA Division 1 history?

Barry Sanders

Who is the leading rusher in NCAA Division 1 football for a season?

zach zenner - SDSU

Who is the NCAA leading rusher for a quarterback?

Pat white ed: Denard Robinson (MICHIGAN)

Who is the all-time leading rusher in NCAA Division One football?

Ron Dayne, Wisconsin, 1996-1999. 6,397 yards.

Who was the Grove City College running back who played for the Pittsburgh Steelers and graduated as the all-time leading NCAA rusher?

RJ Bowers

Who is the alltime block record in NCAA mens basketball?

Adonal Foyle

How many divisions are in the NCAA?


How many conferences are in NCAA basketball?

There are 32 Divisions in D-I NCAA basketball.

How many conferences in ncaa basketball?

There are 32 Divisions in D-I NCAA Basketball.

When was the NCAA division 1 formed?

All three NCAA divisions were made in 1973.

How many college football associations are there?

NCAA FBS, NCAA FCS, NCAA Division II, NCAA Division III, NAIA, so 5 divisions. There is also junior college football of which there are two divisions, NJCAA and CCCAA.

NCAA women basketball alltime scoring leaders?

Lynette Woodard is the all-time leading scorer for Division I women's collegiate basketball with 3,649 points. (from the website of the Women's Basketball Hall of Fame - see

How many years has the NCAA been around?

The NCAA first was founded on March 31, 1906 as IAAUS and later in 1910 was named NCAA. The NCAA is split into three divisions.

How are NCAA basketball divisions decided?

From were they live and the standings in the last year

How do schools reclassify in NCAA divisions?

South, Midwest, West, and East

Which duke or Ohio state most win ncaa basketball?

Duke has more alltime wins. The Blue Devils are fourth in historical wins.

How many NCAA football divisions are there?

There are 4 divisions division 1a, division 1aa, division 2, and division 3

Who is the leading NCAA football scorer?

Ohio State

Who is the leading NCAA lacrosse scorer?

Gary Gait

What is NCAA Soccer?

Intercollegiate Soccer in the USA. Has three divisions. Also, there is Men's and Women's.

Who is Ohio States all time leading rusher?

Archie Griffin. The only 2-time Heisman Trophy Award winner rushed for 5,589 yards on 924 carries (6.0 avg), averaged 117 yards per game, had 34 100 yard games (an NCAA record) and 31 consecutive 100 yard games (NCAA record)

Who is the leading scorer in NCAA history?

Pete Maravich of LSU

Who is the NCAA football 2010 leading tackler?

Mason Foster

Who is leading scorer in ncaa basketball 2011?

jimmer fredette