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==Answer == In the 1961-62 season Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points per game and also scored the all time highest single game total of 100 points on March 3, 1962 vs. the Nicks in Hershey, PA. Wilt Chamberlain averaged 50 points a game in one season and scored over 4000 points !

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Q: Who is the all-time leader for points per game in one season in the NBA?
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Kobe Has the alltime single game points scored by a Laker how many was it and who was it against?

81, against the Toronto Raptors

What is the average score for one team in an NFL game?

For the 2007 NFL season, that was 21.7 points per game. For the 2006 NFL season, 20.7 points per game and for the 2005 NFL season, 20.6 points per game.

NFL average points per game?

In the 2008 NFL season, the average points scored per team per game was 22.0 and 44 points for both teams per game. 11,279 total points were scored in the 2008 season.

Which NBA player scored the most points in a season?

That was Wilt Chamberlain with 4,029 points in the 1961-62 season. He is the only player to have scored 4,000 points in a season and his points per game average that year was 50.4.

Highest points in premiership for runner up?

In a 42-game season: Man Utd 88 points in 1994-95. In a 38-game season: Chelsea 85 points in 2007-08.

How many points per game did Tim Duncan average last season?

In the 2006-07 season, Duncan averaged 20.0 points and 10.6 rebounds per game in the regular season.

What player scored the most points in a season of college basketball at the University of Kentucky?

Dan Issel in 1969-1970 scored 948 points in only 28 games for a season avg of 33.9 points per game, which is still the record for points per game avg for a season.

How many points per game did ben Wallace average in the 2005-2006 season?

7.3 Points Per Game

When was Wilt Chamberlain's 50 points per game season?

In 1961-62, he averaged 50.4 points per game.

Least amount of points scored by NFL team in 16 game season?

The 1992 Seattle Seahawks set the record for fewest points in a 16 game season with 140 points total. This came just one year after the Indianapolis Colts set the record for fewest points in a 16 game season with 143 in 1991.

Most points per game in an NBA season?

Wilt Chamberline of the Los Angelos Lakers had the record of 50.4 points per game in a single season.

What is the NCAA record for the most points scored by a team in a single season?

Oklahoma holds the NCAA record for the most points scored in a single season with 702 points through 12 games in the 2008-2009 season, which is 58.5 points per game

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