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Through the 2008 season, the manager with the most wins for the Brewers is Phil Garner who had a 563-617 record in 8 seasons. The best winning percentage of a Brewers manager is .576 by Harvey Kuenn whose record was 160-118.

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Q: Who is the Winningest Manager for the Milwaukee Brewers?
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What is ned yost's address?

The fastest way to reach the manager of the Milwaukee Brewers is: Mr Ned Yost c/o The Milwaukee Brewers - Miller Park One Brewers Way Milwaukee, WI 53214

What state are the Milwaukee Brewers from?

The Milwaukee Brewers are located in Milwaukee, Wisconsin

When was Milwaukee Brewers created?

Milwaukee Brewers was created in 1969.

Who is the manager with most wins in the teams history up until 2001 for the Milwaukee Brewers?

Henry Kouene

What year was ned yost part of the Milwaukee Brewers?

1980-1983 as a player and 2003-2008 as a manager.

Who were the Milwaukee Brewers Baseball Club 1983 coaches?

The Milwaukee Brewers' 1983 Coaching Staff consists of Harvey Kuenn as the Manager as well as coaches Pat Dobson, Dave Garcia, Larry Haney and Ron Hansen.

What is Will Smith's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Will Smith is number 13 on the Milwaukee Brewers.

What were the Milwaukee Brewers first team name?

Seattle Pilots moved to Milwaukee to become the Milwaukee Brewers in 1970.

Who were the Milwaukee Brewers coaches for the 2011 season?

The 2011 Milwaukee Brewers coaching staff:First Base - Garth IorgThird Base - Ed SedarPitching - Rick KranitzHitting - Dale SveumBench - Jerry NarronBullpen - Stan KylesThe manager was Ron Roenicke.

How many wins did the Milwaukee Brewers have in 2007?

In 2007, the Milwaukee Brewers had an 83-79 record.

What is Elian Herrera's number on the Milwaukee Brewers?

Elian Herrera is number 3 on the Milwaukee Brewers.

When was Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame created?

Milwaukee Brewers Walk of Fame was created in 2001.