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The University of Florida's big in-state rival is the Florida State Seminoles. Florida's big in conference rival could be one of three schools: the University of Georgia, the University of Kentucky or the University of Tennessee.

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Q: Who is the University of Florida's rival in basketball?
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Florida state university

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The University of Alabama's biggest rival is Auburn University. They play each other every year in a game titled the "Iron Bowl".

Who is Utah's rival in college basketball?

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Who is Oregon State Ducks biggest rival?

The University of Oregon Ducks (UO) biggest rival is the Oregon State University Beavers (OSU) . Other rivals include: University of Washington (UW) and the University of Southern California, (USC).

What is the university of floridas mascot?

The University of Florida has two mascots. They are Albert and Alberta Gator and were adopted by the football team in 1908, after which they became known as The 'Gators.

Who is Tennessee university's rival?


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What is the university of Florida's rival school?

Florida State is our instate rival. But we also consider Georgia and Tennessee to be big rivals.

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The main rival of Loyola Marymount is Pepperdine University in Malibu, California.

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Yes. The University of Buffalo plays basketball in the Mid-American Conference.

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Ricky Brown was a basketball player at the University of Akron in 1982

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What is the mascot for the Clemson basketball team?

The Clemson basketball team (also known as "The Clemson Tigers men's basketball") is the college basketball program of the Clemson University. The mascot of all Clemson University athletic teams is a tiger.

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What is University of Rhode Island's basketball record?

The University of Rhode Island's basketball team is currently No. 1 in the Atlantic Conference. (2017)

When did the University of Illinois basketball program begin?

Men's basketball became a varsity sport at the University of Illinois in the 1905-1906 season.