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Iker Casillas

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Q: Who is the Spain's goal keeper in soccer?
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Can a soccer keeper score a goal directly from a kick out of his hands?

A goal may be a scored directly from a goal keeper punt.

In soccer is a goal keeper considered a defender when the keeper comes out of the box?

The goal keeper is always considered a defender, if he is in or out of the penalty area.

Can you kick the ball out of a goal keeper's hands in soccer?


How can a soccer goal keeper score a goal?

most of the time when a goal keeper takes the penalty shot but sometimes when the goal keeper of the other team is so much above his field or area the goal keeper may kick the ball from goal to the other goal.

What happens if the goalkeeper is injured in soccer?

If the goal keeper's team has substitutions remaining, then another goal keeper may replace them. If not, then a field player must be nominated to become the new goal keeper.

Can a soccer goalie score a goal with his hands?

The laws do not prevent a goal from being scored from a goal keeper's throw.In practice no goal keeper can throw it that far, so there are no known examples.

What does a keeper do in soccer?

The goalkeeper prevents the opposite team from scoring a goal.

What soccer goal keeper has scored the most goals?


Can a team not play with a soccer goalie?

No they can't there has to be a goal keeper, if a keeper gets sent off and their are no subs left to bring a keeper from the bench then one of the outfield players have to act as goal keeper instead

Are square soccer posts legal?

Soccer goal posts are not supposed to be square, it's too dangerous for the goal keeper. They are supposed to be round.

Who is spain's goal keeper in 2010 fifa world cup?

The goalkeeper for Spain at the 2010 world cup was Iker Casilas, he was also Spains captain.

Can a soccer goal keeper put the ball down then pick it back up?

No. A goal keeper is allowed to dribble the ball, and this is not considered the same as "putting it down."

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