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Mike Webster was the last player to wear the number in 1989. I do not think the Steelers will be giving the number 52 out anytime soon.

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Q: Who is the Pittsburgh Steelers new number 52?
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Who wore number 52 for the Pittsburgh Steelers in 1979?

Center Mike Webster.

When did the Cleveland Browns beat the Pittsburgh Steelers 52-0?

It wasn't 52-0 but 51-0 and that occurred on September 10, 1989 in Pittsburgh.

What is the percentage of wins to losses when the Pittsburgh Steelers play the Cincinnati Bengals?

The Steelers are 52-32 against the Bengals. Their first matchup was in 1970.

What are the release dates for The NFL on CBS - 1956 Wild Card Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos 52-18?

The NFL on CBS - 1956 Wild Card Pittsburgh Steelers at Denver Broncos 52-18 was released on: USA: 8 January 2012

What is Harrison Ruopp's number on the Pittsburgh Penguins?

Harrison Ruopp is number 52 on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

What is the record of Pittsburgh Steelers vs Bengals?

The Cincinnati Bengals and the Pittsburgh Steelers have played a total of 86 games against each other. Their all-time record is the Steelers' leading with 53 wins against the Bengals' 33 wins.

Who wore number 52 for Pittsburgh Steelers?

"Iron" Mike Webster, played center for the Steelers in the 70's and 80's. Hall of famer. The last and most famous Steeler to wear the number 52 was Hall of Fame center Mike Webster from (74-89). The other Steelers to wear number 52 are: Jim O'Shea (71), Sid Williamson (69), Mike Connelly (63), Gene Breen (65), Jack Klotz (59), George Tarasovic (57-58), Charles Lattimer (54) & Ray Graves (43).

Which numbers from the Pittsburgh Steelers are no longer issued?

The Pittsburgh Steelers do not normally retire numbers, however, they have chosen to not distribute several numbers. The only official retired number is Ernie Stautner's 70. The numbers 12, 32, 52, 58, 59 and 75 will probably not be seen in the near future. Also, I wouldn't expect to see 36 again anytime soon.

What are the release dates for NFL Replay - 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs?

NFL Replay - 2006 Pittsburgh Steelers at Kansas City Chiefs was released on: USA: November 2009

Who has worn number 59 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Currently, backup linebacker Stevenson Sylvester wears number 55 for the Steelers. From 2008-2009, backup linebacker Patrick Bailey wore the number. Joey Porter was the last Steelers starting linebacker to wear number 55. He wore it from 1999-2006.

Who has worn number 7 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

These players have worn number 7 for the Pittsburgh Steelers:Ben Roethlisberger (04-present)Pete Gonzalez (98-99)Reggie Collier (87)Jack Kemp (57)John Lyle (56)James Finks (51-52, 54-55)Leroy Zimmerman(43)Reggie Coldagelli (40)Reznichak (35)

Who wears number 77 for the Pittsburgh Steelers?

Reznichak (35)Reggie Coldagelli (40)Leroy Zimmerman (43)James Finks (51-52, 54-55)John Lyle (56)Jack Kemp (57)Reggie Collier (87r)Pete Gonzalez (98-99)Ben Roethlisberger (04-present)