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In 2008 it was Nelson Evora of Portugal.

The final for 2012 will be held on 9th August.

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Q: Who is the Olympic champion for men's triple jump?
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What is the olympic and world record for the mens triple jump?

World: Jonathan Edwards (18.29 meters). Olympic: Kenny Harrison (18.09 meters).

Who was the 1976 mens 100 meter olympic champion?

Hazely Croftford

1988 mens 100m freestyle olympic swimming champion?

Matt Biondi of the U.S.A. with a time of 48.63.

How far can the average human throw a javelin?

Olympic mens champion achieve about 90 metres, womens champion about 70 metres

Who was the olympic mens throw champion in 1996?

Balázs Kiss of Hungary with a throw of 81.24 meters (266 feet, 6 1/2 inches).

What is the mens Olympic long jump record?

Ahi tenias que ser el tipico chamako tyeto de la academia Juarez

Who holds the Welsh record for the mens long jump?

Lynn Davies is the Welsh record holder with 8.23m. He was also the Olympic gold medallist in 1964.

Olympic Games 1968 mens javelin champion?

Jānis Lūsis of the Soviet Union with a throw of 90.10 meters (295 feet, 7 1/4 inches).

Who came 4th in the 2004 olympic mens long jump final?

James Beckford of Jamaica with a best jump of 8.31 meters which was .01 meters behind the bronze medalist Joan Lino Martinez of Spain.

Who is the mens Olympic triple jump record holder?

The American men's record is held by Kenny Harrison who jumped 18.09 meters at the 1996 Summer Olympics. The American women's record is held by Tiombe Hurd who jumped 14.45 meters at a meet in Sacramento, California in 2004. Note: Harrison's current American Record is also the Olympic Record.

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