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It is the goalkeeper Edwin van Dersar. Who is 40 years old.

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Q: Who is the Oldest player in history of Manchester United?
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Who is the oldest player for Manchester united?

Edwin Van der sar is the oldest player of man utd and Ryan Giggs do the most matches (about 600) and also he scored 110 times fo Manchester united

Is Ryan giggs the oldest player on Manchester united?

Yes; he is 38 years old.

Who is currently the oldest premiership player?

The oldest footballer in the E.P.L today is Edwin Van Dersar. The goalkeeper of Manchester United.

Who is the oldest player to win a champions league medal?

It is Edwin van Der sar, with Manchester United

Who is the oldest play in Manchester united 2011?

Ryan Giggs is the oldest player due to the recent departure of Edwin Van Der Sar.

Who is the oldest player to score in the premiership?

It is Teddy Sherringham, the former Manchester United, Spurs and Portsmouth player he scored the goal at 40 years.

Which player is the oldest in Man Utd?

Edwin van der Sar is the oldest player at Manchester United, he was born on 29 October 1970 therefore he is currently 38 years old

What Manchester united player has received the most red cards in the premiership history?

Paul Scholes

What player has played for Liverpool and Manchester united?

It will be Michael Owen who Joined Manchester United.

Who is the oldest player who has represented Manchester City?

George Smith

What do you haft to be a player at Manchester united?

You have to be a very , very ood player as there are many footballers wanting to play for Manchester United.

Who is the most tactic player in Manchester united?

The winger Christiano Ronaldo is the most tactical player in the Manchester United team.

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