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Jimmie Johnson won a record five consecutive Nascar Cup Series championships (2006-2010).

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Q: Who is the Nascar driver that has won the most consecutive championships and how many did he win?
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How many Nascar Cup Series championships did Tony Stewart win in a row?

Tony Stewart has never won consecutive Nascar Cup Series championships. He was the Cup Series champion in 2002, 2005 and 2011.

How many Nascar drivers have won four straight championships in a row?

Jimmie Johnson is the only Nascar driver to have won four and now five championships in a row. He has won the title from 2006-2010.

How many consecutive years has a Nascar driver won a race?

In the Nascar Cup Series, Richard Petty had the longest yearly winning streak. The King won at least one race in 18 consecutive seasons (1960-1977).

How many drivers won five Nascar Cup Series championships in a row?

Only Jimmie Johnson won five Nascar Cup Series championships in a row (2006-2010).

How many Nascar Cups does Jeff Gordon have?

Jeff Gordon won four championships in Nascar (1995, 1997, 1998, 2001). It was known as the Winston Cup Series when Gordon won his championships.

How many Nascar Cup Series races and championships has Jeff Gordon won?

Jeff Gordon has won 88 Nascar Cup Series races and 4 Winston Cup Series championships.

How many Manufacturers championships has Oldsmobile won in Nascar?

Oldsmobile has won 4 Nascar Manufacturers championships in Nascar. They were in 1949 (Strictly Stock Series), 1950 (Grand National Series), 1951 (Grand National Series) and 1978 (Winston Cup Series).

How many Nascar Sprint Cup races can a driver enter in?

A Nascar Cup Series driver can enter 36 races throughout the season.

How many championships were there in NASCAR?

There have been cup champions since 1949. So there has been over 60 total championships by about 30 different men.

How many championships does Richard Petty have in a row?

Richard Petty won back to back Nascar championships twice in his career.1971 - 19721974 - 1975

How many consecutive championships have Boston Celtics won?

8. '59-'66

How many championships has Kasey Kahne won in his career?

Kasey Kahne has never won a Nascar championship.